Aloe Frost was always intended to offer a wide range of designs so everyone could find something they loved!  The many different permutations of Moodies form the backbone of my offerings, but occasionally I find the time to slip in one of the countless other ideas that fill my mind and sketchbook.  Below is a little information on some of the main lines I offer, but there is much more to come!


Original Moodies

Where it all began!  Simple but expressive face planters in up to ten different unglazed stoneware clays with around a dozen basic moods.  These are available in four sizes (averaging 1.5", 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5"), all with drainage holes.  With all of this variety, and because each is individually made by hand, every planter is unique, just like people!  

Fresh out of the kiln for #moodiemonday!

Mustache Moodies

Dapper plant daddies! Available in the same four sizes as the Original Moodies and a few different colorways, these well-groomed face planters have been one of my most popular designs so far.


Cylinder Moodies

A simpler take on the Original Moodies, these modern face planters are available with the same range of color and expression.  Currently, these are only offered in the 1.5" size and unglazed, but more sizes are coming soon as well as the addition of a rainbow of glazed options!


Nudie Moodies

A great conversation starter!  These body-positive planters are available in a wide range of unglazed clays, female and male (not currently pictured) styles, and three sizes.  Every one is individually wheel-thrown and sculpted by hand, so no two are alike and any asymmetries are welcomed to represent our own bodily imperfections.


Flower Moodies

Cheerful and fun, these planters will brighten up your windowsill or plant shelf!  Each holds a small white daisy, formed by hand from three different colors of clay. These are available in three sizes, and the largest ones hold three flowers.  Sunflower Moodies are still waiting to go into regular production.


Sgraffito Moodies

Rustic, two-toned geometric designs give these planters a modern, bohemian feel.  Sgraffito is a process of carving through a contrasting clay to reveal the main clay body underneath.  At this time, I primarily use an off-white slip over medium- or dark-toned clays which offer the best contrast.  All of the patterns are carved without planning to create a spontaneous and one-of-a-kind piece.  These are available in three sizes.

I hope everyone is having a good week! I

Mini Leggy Moodies

These little people, averaging 1" in diameter, make great airplant holders!  There are dozens of designs available, but because this is the most time-intensive style I make, they tend not to be available in large quantities and sell out quickly.  These are one of the few designs I make without drainage holes because of their small size.   

Moodie Pets

Who doesn't love animals?  These cats and dogs (or foxes!) are available in up to ten clay colors and two sizes.  There are main two styles of cats, one with legs and a tail, and the other without, and various expressions, including bleps, give each its own unique personality.  Dogs are available in floppy- and pointed-ear styles.

I’m doubling up with a #moodiemonday and

Nudie Moodie Mugs

These are currently still in the prototype phase, but I am working with a company to release these later in 2020!



These quirky face planters are full of character, but they are still in their early days.  At the moment, only the small size is available, with a 1-2" diameter opening.  

I’m going to let you in on a little secr

Mini Pots

One of my secret passions, I love making these simple, little pots.  Each only measures around 1-1.5" wide and does not have a drainage hole, so they are best suited to airplants.  They are available in up to ten colors and five basic shapes. 

I hope everyone’s week is going well! I

More to Come!

I have more ideas than I have time to make, so I have focused on the previous designs so far.  Other plans for the future include cactus planters, simpler glazed pots, and marbled ware made from multiple clays, just to name a few!