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I grew up on a small family farm in eastern North Carolina where I was allowed a lot of freedom in discovering my interests.  Every few years I would obsess over another topic: ornithology, paleontology, archaeology (first the Maya and then the Egyptians), anthropology, or folklore. The one constant was that I always kept a sketchbook with me to draw my ideas and inspirations. Eventually I threw away most of those sketches and accepted that an art career was probably not feasible, and when I went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I focused on ancient Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern history, culture, and archaeology. After a summer dig on Crete, I realized it was more practical to focus on the present than the past and switched majors to American Studies.  After graduating in 2007, I returned to help my parents on the farm, and discovered a passion for the greenhouse business, particularly with tropicals and houseplants.  By the fall of 2016, the stresses of running an agricultural business were taking a toll on me, and I started looking for a creative outlet. I found a group pottery studio nearby and figured it was worth a shot. The first few months were frustrating since it was self-guided and I had no prior ceramics experience, but the other potters were encouraging and also inspirational.  Disappointed in my slow progress, the next summer I bought my own wheel and set up a cramped, makeshift studio in a spare closet at home and got to work. After my first show that fall turned out to be a success, it became clear that this hobby, which was quickly taking up more and more of my time and thoughts, was becoming a business. In 2018 I converted an old smokehouse on the farm into a proper studio where I could experiment and explore more freely.  I have heard many potters say that things just clicked when they found clay, and little did I know that I would find an artistic medium that would allow me to combine so many of my early interests into one passion.